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kinukulayan lang nila yan hehe... but inspiring pa rin:)


C'est juste Excellent !!!
Merci de nous faire partager ces choses si extraordinaires !!!


nice photos and wonderful colors !


wooooooooooooooow, look at all the colors!!!! cool.


I love the pictures and the colors of the chicks, but it is indeed an unfortunate for the chicks to be like that.

Otto K.

very nice. the chick in the last image seems sad.


bon, le dernier n'a pas l'air de voir la vie en rose!
Bon WE Sydney


I hope a few get good homes and survive. I wonder how long the coloring remains if they start growing up.


Moi qui aime les couleurs, dans ce concept cela me refroidit tout de suite mais bon cela n'enlève en rien sur la qualité et la pertinence de tes photos Sidney ;-)

Michael Rawluk

The poor little things are turned into toys.


Ces scènes de rue sont superbes Sidney!


poor little birds!


i know everything about the toys !! so interesting, thank you !! excellent this street ambience..

Luna Miranda

the pink chick looks sick.


I can see why kids are attracted to these chicks... and that makes it all the more sad- because at the end of the day, that's what these chicks are- a marketing gimmick.

... just a friendly response to an earlier commenter, even when it happens with other animals like cats and dogs- it's still wrong :)


Pour le seul plaisir de: "l'enfant roi"... notre société de globalisation dégénère complètement.


the kids here look very happy with their chicks.

i wonder if all of the chicks get sold and what happens to the ones that aren't bought.

the bottom photo of the pink chick and the feet (and what might be a deformed foot) is really powerful and brilliant. one of my favorites of yours.


it is unfortunate, but they sure do a good job of painting them and distinguishing which one is their's :)


They are certainly colorful and the kids will love them for a day or two.

Photo Cache

as much as i detest the coloring, the pink and the purple ones are truly cute.


One thinks of coloured eggs for Easter, but not chicks.


Surprising ! I had never heard of this...


The clear manifestation of a chick turned an animal. But let us think: isn't it sometimes also true for other animals like cats or dogs?

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